Your Pet Loss Stories

'I Miss You So Much'

by Megan Rivera.
(Crossville,TN. )

This is about my dog Fido who sadly went over the Rainbow Bridge to that wonderful place known as heaven 4 years ago. One day I went to a flea-market and me and my older sisters saw these 2 adorable puppies, one black with a little white paw, one tan with black paws and one of his paws white. The oldest sister took the black one and I took the tan one. My mom tried to get me to leave them there but I refused, I wanted that little puppy more than anything in the world, he was such a adorable little creature.

It took me a few days to think of a name for him. Me and my sister called him a lot of names until I saw Fido on a video game, the dog looked like my puppy and I decided that would be a wonderful name for him. I always loved dogs but there was something about him, I loved him more than life itself, he was my reason for getting up early. I got up every morning to take care of him and play with him.

We had this old broom and I noticed Fido liked to chase it around so when we played I often used the broom, he was so cute when he chased it around. My sister didn't do much of it, she played with him often, she made him a mean little puppy, she played tug-o-war with him a lot and that got him wanting to bite and stuff. After that my mom wanting to give him up, my sister was asking her friends to take him but no one said yes, I begged my mom to keep him,I didn't care that he liked to play rough, he was my baby and I wanted him to stay with me. So we did keep him.

I got so many laughs out of that dog but I think the funniest thing is, one day my mom was playing with him or something and he got in her way and she accidently stepped on his foot. He did the cutest thing. He layed down, looked up at her and raised the paw she stepped on letting her know she hurt him. He forgot about that a little while after though. I sometimes got mad at him because he had this 5 gallon bucket for water and everytime I filled it up he would put his paws in it and start splashing around like he was swimming, he spilt it everytime. I would get so aggravated by that but I never hit him or anything like that for it.

Since I noticed he liked water me and my dad took him to a lake one day, well that's when problems started. When we 1st took him to the lake and came back everything was fine but we took him again the next time we went, only this time he got very sick the next day. We had no idea what was wrong with him, one of our neighbors said it could be parvo, well we got worried then but we had no way to get to the vet, my mom had no car at the time, my oldest sister was all the way in Cookville so she didn't want to come all the way to take a dog to the vet, my dad had to work or something so we had no hope basically.

He kept getting worse and worse. My mom finally decided to call animal control to come get him and take him to the vet. And we was planning on going to get him back when the vet cured him. But by the time he arrived to the vet it was far too late, it was parvo and it was at the worst stage. I was so crushed to hear he couldn't be saved. I cried for a whole week straight. It felt like my own life had ended when I lost Fido.

I still miss him a lot but I know I will see him again one day. I still have his collar and tag we bought him. I even have his leash, although my old dog chewed it up but I still have all the little pieces. I love you Fido and I miss you everyday. I know you're having a wonderful time in heaven right now and I know you're watching over me. I will post a picture of what he looked like later on.

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