Your Pet Loss Stories

'I Will Never Forget You'

by Megan Rivera.
(Crossville,TN. )

Okay so here I'am writing about another pet I lost. I'll be writing 2 more stories. These next 3 dogs weren't mine but my sisters boyfriends pets but I really liked them. Especially this sweet dog.

Okay so on the 5-27-10 sometime around 5 am my sisters boyfriends house burnt down. My sister was here with me but Ray (her boyfriend) and his mom was still there. They got out,R ay got burnt, the burns wasn't life threatning though. He got them trying to save the dog I'm writing about, my baby and his world, Baby-Bop. Also known as Pookie.

That little dog was just the sweetest you would ever meet. He was a very friendly dog but protective over his friends and family. He had been through so much. When Ray 1st met him Pookie was a scared little puppy. His old owner beat him and stuff. Ray started feeding him so Pookie just stayed around his house from then on. About 2 years back,he got shot in the leg. He came back to the house and Ray rushed him to the vet. Over time he healed but naturally he was scared of loud sounds.

That dog was my pride and joy even though I did not own him. I loved him like no other animal. I begged Ray many times to give him to me, let me have him but Ray was just too attached to let him go. Now, I wish he would have let me take Pookie. I hate facing the fact that he is gone forever. If I could turn back time and prevent all this from happening, I would.

It will take a while to get over this loss, especially for Ray. I will never forget him though. I still have your dog tag Pookie, and I'll never get rid of it. I'll remember you forever. I hope you are having a lot of fun on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

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