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Delia, Steve and Ike
by: Diana

Delia and Steve

I am so sorry to read about your great loss.
Your story is such a sad and heartbreaking one, I was crying just reading it. I truly do know how you feel as I just lost my 12 year old doberman "Leya" 2 months ago. I too had to make the decision to put her to sleep as she was suffering greatly, not from sudden injury like your Ike, but from a sudden collapse due to congestive heart failure. I think losing a pet is so heartbreaking, but to have to make the unthinkable decision to put them to sleep is just devastating.

At the time, we know we have no choice as we love them so much and don't want them to suffer. It is only that great love that gets us through those final moments. It is so hard, but it is the final kind and loving thing we can do for them, and you have to know that for you both to have been with Ike until the end was a great gift to him. I'm sure he left knowing he was so loved by you both.
It sounds like Ike had a great life with you. You included him in everything you did and you were all very blessed to have each other.

Be gentle with yourselves through this difficult time..


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