Your Pet Loss Stories

'I'm Sorry My Little Friend'

by Melandie
(South Africa)

My story is very sad. So if you are sensitive please don't read this. About 2 weeks ago my flat mate brought a new kitten that she saved from the streets, still a very small baby, I think about 7-8 weeks. He was so beautiful and loving and playful. Not even scared of his new environment just wanted to play. This little kitten climbed very deep into my heart, it felt like I had a real baby on my hands. His name was Prince. Because he was as beautiful and special as a PRINCE!!

Well Saturday night I walked to my room to get something and just as I went to go sit on the couch little Prince ran under my feet and I stepped on him. Not knowing it was that hard, he started to make this strange sound, something I never heard before, and his little baby head went up and down, he didn't move his legs. First I thought I broke his leg, but no, he had brain damage!!!!

I have never felt this pain in my life, I will never forgive myself. So sorry my little PRINCE!! I will forever love you.

In memory of Prince Pienaar Noorman.
4 April 2009 - 23 May 2009

I will always remember you!

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