Your Pet Loss Stories

'Jake and Charlie'

by Irene
(Bobcaygeon, Canada)

Well guys it's been over 2 months since you graduated to heaven and are with the rest of the family members, and I am happy that you're home in heaven with them - and with no pain and able to see, hear, eat, jump and play and run and do all the things you were no longer able to do here.

The only thing is I miss you both so very much - I want to hold you again and never let you go. I thought I was starting to deal with your being gone but I'm not - the tears are still there and the emptiness - I know I still have our 4 cats and I love them dearly - but Jake/Charlie they just aren't you. A couple of people said to just get another dog, but it wouldn't be either of you and living in a garden apartment, there would be room but the owners of the apartment building say no more dogs unless I get rid of the cats - which of course I can't do - this is their home and they're loved very much.

Jake and Charlie you were the best and only male dogs I ever had - all my other dog members were female so I know you're in heaven and have many friends and family there. You 2 were so loving and faithful and such funny little guys. Charlie with your hound Beagle baying and Jake trying to imitate you but being a Shih/Pek couldn't quite get the bay down but he would throw your little head back and do your best to imitate Charlie.

There are so many great memories which in a way is a blessing but at the same time make me miss you both all the more. Be happy babies and stay close to our other family members both human and animal alike -- I know they'll love and play and cuddle you both.

I love you,

Love Mom

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