Your Pet Loss Stories


by Natalie
(Canada bc)

Jasper was the best bunny anyone could ask for!! I got him for my 10th birthday along with my sister's rabbit Licourice (pure black) Jasper was different shades of brown. He was perfect so laid back, he would lie on his back in my arms for hours while sleeping, walk on a harness, sit in a wheelbarrow while I pushed it around my garden, even sit in between my dogs legs and run up to him every encounter they had! But that's not why I loved him so much, I loved him because I just did there's no explanation, he was special!!

But his life ended all too soon on March 2nd 2010, he was a couple of months shy of two. The day before he death I was combing him while he sat there, thinking back now he was quiet which was unusual for him but I didn't think anything of it. Before I put him In his hutch for the night I remember telling him I loved him and hugging him, I kissed him on the nose and forehead, not knowing it would be the last time I would see him (breathing!!)

That morning I remember it like yesterday I was eating breakfast (it was a school day) and my dad walks into the kitchen crying and tells me Jasper's died!! I cried non-stop all day and every night I was extremely quiet for weeks after. We buried him with pictures of me and him with a note on the back saying how much he meant to me, and I laid him to rest. I created a cross for him 2 days later which says "gods finger touched you while you slept", and "dimalija will never change, I love you".

I still miss him dearly and he will always be in my heart, but I'm thankful for the times we did spend together! His grave always is decorated with new fresh flowers!! This is my 1st time experiencing pet loss where I actually understood, as when I was two I did not!

I still go and see Licourice but not as much as it makes me sad. I am very thankful that I got Jasper and do not regret it one bit!! I love him and always will!!!

I am thankful that l have amazing pets which inclued 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 rabbit, and 25 fish, I will soon be the very proud owner of 2 Nigerian dwarf goats as me and my sister are getting 1 each!!! <3 <3

R.I.P Jasper!! Words alone can't explain how much I love you and miss you!!! <3 <3 in my heart forever and ever!! Like I said Forever and Always me and you Jaspy!!!

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