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'KC We Miss You So Much'

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KC and Me
by: "MOM" Loftheim

KC was and always will be like a child to me. He had been gone for a little over three weeks and I am just as miserable as the day he left. My eyes are swollen and they just will be that way for awhile. Everyone tells me that it will get better but it hasn't. I am still devastated. I miss him so much. He would be sitting with me watching tv right now. He always came in and ate, used his box and then up with me for a while to watch tv. When will this end. I hate coming into the house and not looking on the patio for him. I hate not waking up in the morning to his distinctive meow. I hate not having his warm body sleeping next to me... sometimes pushing me or my husband out of the bed. Everyone says the pain will ease but it hasn't. KC I miss you and I know your "dad" does too. I just keep thinking Dr. Fulton will be calling and telling me to pick you up. Actually he did the other day to tell me about a little black kitty. Your dad isn't ready. I don't understand because in your memory we need to be able to tell another little kitty how wonderful you were and maybe he could start to fill the very empty hole in my heart. We love you KC and always will. I know you always will be with us. See you. Kisses!

Three weeks later
by: Meg

KC, this hasn't gotten any easier. I miss you so much. It just seems each day that you are gone I feel the pain more. I look at the kitchen where you died in my arms and I don't want to cook. I get ready to open a can of anything and I look around for you to come around the corner. What is a mom to do. You were our buddy. I told Jon's dad yesterday to look for you because you may be scared. We love you and miss you. I know you are here as I feel your presence. I hear you in the night. No matter where we are you will be with us. We love you more.

Praying for you
by: Mandy

Oh Meg, this is just beautiful! I never knew what KC stood for and now I do! I promise the pain will go away and when it does you will remember KC with such joy and thanksgiving!! It's so hard to let something go after it has been a part of your life for a long time but rejoice in the fact that you did have him for as long as you did! You were a great mom to KC and he is smiling down on your from heaven not suffering anymore and he would not want you to suffer either.

Always here for you!

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