Your Pet Loss Stories

'KC We Miss You So Much'

by Meg Loftheim
(Lakeland, FL, USA)

KC on HIS quilt at cabin

KC on HIS quilt at cabin

Our son came home from college his freshman year and brought us a tiny kitten. We called him KC for Killer Cat because he just would attack. He filled a void in my heart that was there when our son left for college. Over the next 17 years KC made several moves with us and took over our hearts. He was funny, loving and independent. He always knew when I felt sorrow. He would come and sit by me. He loved to get under the covers. He loved to be involved with every part of our lives.

When I was making quilts, KC would get underneath the quilt... I am sure his fur is tied into many quilts. When I was cooking, he was right there to help. He was so good about not getting on tables but he was always right at my feet. He loved to play hide and seek and he played that almost until the end. He loved to hide. And he was the best at hiding. Before his last trip to our mountain house, KC hid in the living room for almost 2 hours... while his mom and dad searched inside and out. He was watching us from a hiding place in the living room. And then there he was eating his food in the kitchen.

We went to the mountains and spent a wonderful week. KC was happy there. So were we. I am not sure how going back there without him is going to work. I will see him everywhere there also. The one thing about KC is he owned every inch of the house-no matter which house he was in or how long he spent there. KC enjoyed spending time on the screened porch. His ears would perk up at sounds from the woods. I always wondered what animals he heard that we couldn't hear.

I see his little face looking through the spokes on the stairs leading to the second floor. He feel him jumping up on the bed at night. I feel him laying on top of me for a short time and then proceeding to the end of the bed for 30 minutes or so and then jumping down and going to his own bed. I come into the house and I look for you. I look on the screened porch and check the chairs because I expect to see you there. I hear you crunching food at night and you are not there. I am out shopping and think I need to get home and give you your shot.

I am lost. I miss you. I will always miss you. I know in my head you aren't hurting anymore. My heart breaks. No more needles. No more visits to the doctor. You are free. I am not yet but I know in time I will just remember you and your love and crazy antics. I pray your "dad" will let us get another kitty so I can tell him all about you. Thank you for your unconditional love.

See you KC!

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