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'Kelvin My Knight In Shining Armour (6 month old Pug)'

by Tamara
(NSW Australia)

At 9 weeks old we brought this tiny amazing big personality pug that was the only one in the litter. He fitted in so well with all our other dogs and cats. I treated him like my baby, we showered together, I would rock him to sleep, he would run to my car whenever I was home and sook at my bed in the morning till I cuddle him in my bed.

He was my baby, fulfiled my life is so many ways. After 3 and a half months one Sunday morning I was flying to Qld to visit my family the first time I was ever away from my Kelvin. I had so much trouble saying bye to him for seven days, so I took a few photos, gave him a cuddle and went on my way.

5 hours later I had the most devastating call that Kelvin had been bitten by a snake and was found dead. The call was the worst thing I could hear. I cried for two days straight, didn't eat for a few.

I returned home earlier than I had planned for my holiday. Coming home was the hardest thing, driving around the corner and not to see his little face. Not a snort in sight just a pile of dirt where underneath he laid.

I went and brought six roses and a rose bush. I planted the rose bush over his grave and sprinkled the rose petals all around it. I cried whilst saying my goodbyes.

After the next few days I still needed closure so I organised to get a rose tattoo on me the same one that I planted on his grave. I also got his photo engraved on a heart locket that I wear around my neck.

Every morning I say hello and good night, it has almost been two weeks each day gets a little easier but I still miss him so much. I've decided to let myself heal for the next few months and when Kelvin's Mum and Dad have another litter which should be April I hope then I have healed enough to be able to love another one as much as I loved Kelvin.

For the first few days I blamed myself and thought about What if I did this or that, but you can't change what happened, you just have to let yourself heal and be grateful that you got to spend any time with them at all.

R.I.P Kelvin, Mummy loves you so much xxxx

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