Your Pet Loss Stories


by David
(Brisbane, Australia)

Well Kenny was one of those dogs who had an uncanny way of knowing how you felt. He was a Border Collie X with all the intelligence and loyalty anyone would want in a companion. We did everything together... adventures, car rides, going swimming... basically he just wanted to do what I did.

He saved my life on many occasions by being there for me in times of deep depression. But that's another story... and in June was told that he had osteosarcoma, it was a huge shock, but I felt we could beat it. Had him on anti cancer and immune boosting therapy, he had all the biopsy's and tests when we found out it moved to his lungs and spleen.

I took him for a swim everyday (easier on his leg) kept his mind healthy, spent a lot of money on trying to help.. He played and was the same dog as before... going hard.... always wanting to play. Then a couple of days ago he took a turn and I had to make a decision to put him asleep because he couldn't even sit up anymore.. constantly groaning when needed to poo... and fully anaemic.

It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life.. My heart is broken... life seems empty.. I'm 30 and had him when I was 20.. so nearly my whole adult life.


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