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Thank You
by: Erin

Thank you for your wonderful comments. I appreciate and I am so sorry about the loss of your pets as well. I know the guilt will go away at some point and I feel especially thankful for all the support I have gotten from other pet loss members. I also want to thank the people from the candle light ceremony. I love going there and doing the lighting of the candles... if makes me feel closer to my Lacey. Thank you all again!!! Take Care!

by: Mariana

Hello Erin! I'm really sorry for your loss... I felt your story close to mine, I lost my cat Robbie accidentally 2 weeks ago... you can read my story here if you want. Just like you, apart from all the pain, I feel guilty that I didn't make our home safe enough for the cat and I keep thinking that it was my job to prevent something like this to happen, if I only was more careful... The thing is that no matter how much we blame ourselves, our babies are gone and it won't bring them back... so I believe what we have to do is to try to forgive ourselves and keep the memory of our beloved furry friends, knowing that they were very happy with us... Take care Erin!

by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like your baby might of had distemper. I am not a vet but you can google it and see if she fit any of the symptoms. I am so sorry for your loss. I woke up this morning and found my cat whom I have had for 17 years lying lifeless on the floor. I hid it from my daughter and have to tell her this afternoon when she gets off the school bus. Just hang in there.

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