Your Pet Loss Stories


by Chris

Levi Logan Pacheco

Levi Logan Pacheco

When we got him, he was energetic and naughty. He was chewing the linoleum on the floor at the breeders, and we knew he was the dog for us.

Levi chewed holes in comforters, ruined a set of furniture, chased the neighbors, barked at the cats and was the head of the animals at home.

Levi adored his family, barked like a puppy when we got home from work, was loyal, lovable and sweet. He was courageous, and even though he was a rat terrier, I was never afraid when I was alone because I knew he would protect me. He would just look at me and I would melt. He had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on a dog. And he had a patch on his back that looked like Mickey Mouse. He slept under the covers behind my legs for his whole life.

His favorite thing to do was to go to the beach. He was a puppy at the beach, loved to play in the waves and chase seagulls. He would be so caught up in the water and birds that we could let him run off the leash, he never bothered anyone.

In the end, his life ended entirely too soon. He was only 11 years and 29 days old. He had found some trash outside, and there was a chunk of cheese in it. His favorite thing in the world was cheese. Unfortunately, this piece was too big and he couldn't swallow it. When I found him, he had no pulse, no heartbeat and was not breathing. I tried to save his life, but I lost him. I guess God needed some entertainment. I have never had a dog like Levi and I will never forget him. It was too soon.

That happened yesterday. I am filled with the if only's. If only I knew animal cpr and didn't panic. If only I had looked for him sooner. If only my son and I had taken him for a walk like we were going to. I don't think I will ever be able to have peace about the end for Levi, all I can do is remember that we gave him a wonderful life, and he was a wonderful pet.

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