Your Pet Loss Stories


by Gaby

1-31-11 - 9-16-12

1-31-11 - 9-16-12

I got her on 1-31-12 (': I got her for my birthday . My family loved her so much she was soo cute as a puppy we took her into our car, took her home and loved her c:

She would play, jump up, she would howl when I howled. She was perfect for me. She potty trained herself and everything. Every night I would sleep warm with her. I had her for almost two years but here's how she died..

I was cuddling with her giving her love <3 and my sister came, got my dogs ball and throws it out! o: My dog Lexy looks at it and chases after it and then, BOOM a car hits her and I yell so loud!

I cried for hours and days and now she's all gone :C I'm so depressed :c I had her one minute and the next minute she dies D':!

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