Your Pet Loss Stories

'Life With Snickers'

by Lisa Hill
(El Dorado, ks)

Snickers, was our only survivor of a litter we had 4 or 5 years ago. We called him Snickers cause when he was born the colors of his fur looked like the candybar. He was not the most affectionate most of the time only when he wanted to go out or play with his laser light.

We lost him Feb 25th 2011 to a horrible accident. He was my son's dearest friend but everybody loved Snickers. His closest animal companion was our dog Toby. He was a good cat, I could have food on the kitchen counter and know that he would not jump up and get into it. I have good days and bad cause it is still so soon since his death. I want to add pics at a later time.

Snickers would rub his face to my older sons face when they were together. We all had silly little nick names for him but what stands out the most is my husband would say rikka rikka roo kitty kitty catto. Oh here come the tears, know this Snickers that you are truly loved and missed.

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