Your Pet Loss Stories

'Little Angel'

by Caitlyn

My brother and his fiancee had a female dog who was pregnant and she gave birth to 10 puppies in the woods, but only 2 of the puppies survived. The Mother didn't survive either. They kept the 2 puppies (both female) and bottle fed them, so this caused them to become very attached to the puppies.

When the puppies were four weeks old they decided to bring them over so we could meet them. On the way over my brothers puppy started to have some kind of seizure and my parents and I tried to help but we couldn't so my dad and my brother took her to the emergency animal hospital. The vet ran tests and it turns out she had Distemper. She had contracted it when she was born in the woods so she had this for 4 weeks. Since she was so little it was already causing neurological damage so the vet had to put her down.

When my brother and my dad came home without the puppy and told my sister in law, her and even my military toughened brother cried. I only knew that puppy for like 30 minutes and I only pet her one time. but it still broke my heart when they had to put her down. To deal with it I just imagine her, her little brothers and sisters and her mom together in a better place where nothing can touch them.

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