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by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

I am SO sorry for your sudden loss of Linus.

Bunny has a great website, as I am sure you've read carefully through the stages-reactions of grief. Each stage will be very painful time for you to deal with. Right now I know you feel extremely guilty. But in time - trust me - you will forgive yourself.

Other helpful ideas (if you haven't done so already is. I have done this with my beloved Spike I lost over 2 yrs back) is put a recent pic of Linus in a frame and put the frame in a place where you can look at Linus everyday. Talk to him. Smile and say good morning Linus. Ask him how he is doing? Probably right now, Linus is up there playing with my (lab) Spike. Most days I talk to him, say 'good moring Spike.' I ask him how he is, (and) ask him who he is playing with? I tell my recent news. It conforts me. I will talk to Spike everyday. And I know Spike is looking down and listening.

We have Josh now (lab too). I hug Josh and tell him how he would have loved Spike (and how much Spike would have loved him).

Linus knows you MISS and LOVE him very much. He truly LOVES You too.

Take Care, Monica
Hugs - Margaret

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