Your Pet Loss Stories

'Lucky Baby'

by Maria
(Buffalo, NY)

On Tuesday October 9th my precious baby boy Lucky passed away in my husband's arms. Lucky gave us 10 years of unconditional love and I can only hope I gave him the best life in return.

Lucky suddenly woke up Sunday night throwing up and could barely walk. I brought him into the vet Monday thinking they would tell me he ate something that upset his stomach and he would be okay in a couple of days. They tried to take blood from him but he was so dehydrated they couldn't get any blood. They put him on fluids and told me I could take him home for the night and return the next morning so they could try to get blood from him.

When I took him home he got worse. We rushed him to the animal hospital and he stayed over night on fluids and they still could not take blood from him. The next morning I picked him up by myself and brought him to the vet to stay all day and they finally could take a little blood and said there were abnormalities in his blood and high white blood cell count, so they put him on antibiotics and continued fluids.

I was told to pick him up at 6 pm and bring him to the animal hospital to stay over night and as my husband and I drove him to the hospital he passed away in my husband's arms. We were devastated but in our hearts we know we tried everything to save him but whatever he had just took over. We have to learn to accept it was his time to go. He was 10 and a half years old.

Life without him is lonely and quiet. It really is crazy how much a part of our life Lucky was. Everything we did in our house basically involved Lucky. I hate being in the kitchen because that's where he always followed me, or even laying on the couch watching tv hurts because he would usually be right by my side. In time I hope we can learn to deal with life without him but I want to keep his memory alive because he taught me more than I ever imagined. I love you Lucky baby and will miss you always. you have impacted my life in so many ways. Muah xoxo

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