Your Pet Loss Stories

'Luis Was My Friend'

by Ric Bales
(New Castle, In )

I bought Luie 11 years ago from a pet store in So. Fla. He was a beautiful Maine coon orange and white with long hair. I'm having a real hard time dealing with his death.

Two months ago I noticed a lump on his upper lip. I took him to the vet and they told me it was a tumor. I cried I knew what that meant. He was my friend I had him through an exwife and four girlfriends, I miss him the most.

He was smart and fun to watch run through the house. I think at times he was part dog, I never had a cat that would follow me around like he would. He was a indoor cat by his own choosing. But would go outside if I was outside working, waiting for me to go back inside so he could sit on my lap.

I loved that cat so much and it's killing me to sit here and think about him. It's been four days since I laid him to rest in the back yard. And I still cry over losing him, I keep it to myself I don't want my friends or family to see this part of me. I hope that with time I can look back and think of him without crying so much. But as for now I miss him and cry for his loss.

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