Your Pet Loss Stories


by Lucille

We adopted Lulu our pit/lab mix from a NYC pet rescue. She was just a puppy when we adopted her. She preferred chewing on 100-year-old wood trim rather than chew toys and no amount of coaxing would change her mind.

After 2 years of age she grew into the most wonderful, loyal and loving dog we had ever had the pleasure of living with. She was extremely smart and knew what every member of the family was thinking.

She stopped eating for a day or two, but then she started and was very lively and seemed fine. About two weeks after that she stopped eating and it was hard to get her to eat so the vet checked her and she was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

It was a very fast growing cancer and in one week grew to the size of a soccer ball and she was unable to weak and became weak so we had to make that decision one never really wants to make. She went quickly once the injection was given, she was ready to go over the Rainbow Bridge.

We will never forget her vibrant personality, intelligence, loyalty and love. She is greatly missed.

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