Your Pet Loss Stories

'Maddy Darling'

by Bridget Brown
(Morrisville, Pa, USA)

Maddy my baby girl

Maddy my baby girl

Hi, My name is Bridget and I'm 15 years old. My whole life my Grandma had raised dogs. I've always wanted one of my own. 2 years ago I talked my Mom into getting my own dog. Her name was Maddy we rescued her from a house that didn't feed her. She was a small Basset Hound. she was the nicest dog in the world so playful and happy all the time.

Maddy liked to run and since we didn't have a fence up in my backyard we had a line that she went on so she could run around as much as she wanted to. Well the line broke and she was being good so the whole week I took her out and watched so she wouldn't run away. Well last night I took her to the bathroom but she smelled something and started to run after it.

We live near a main street that's busy 24/7. When I was running after her she went into that street and was hit by a car. The car didn't even stop. She layed there until I could carry her to the sidewalk. Then my Mom came and she could tell she wasn't alive anymore.

She was my best friend, my first dog, my first love, she was my baby and I let her die.

I miss her so much. She was only 4 years old.

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