Your Pet Loss Stories


by Laura
(Underwood, ND )

Maggie, it has been five days since you've passed from this life to the next. I miss you so terribly much! My heart aches every day. I listen for your tags to jingle while you jump up on my bed or scratch your ears. I wait for you to come cuddle with me like you always did. You're not at the stairs greeting me when I come home. You're not in the window keeping watch of the neighborhood. I don't hear your bark when someone comes to the door.

I held you all night on the day you died. I wept, wailed, and cried. I prayed for you to return to me, but it wasn't meant to be. You left us so suddenly. We had so many more years to share ahead of us. I am so sorry, Maggie. I am so, so sorry.

We were in such a rush to get to our appointments that morning. It was cold and raining. Daddy took you out, he waited for a few minutes, but got distracted. I walked past the open door several times while getting everyone ready. But when we left, we forgot to make sure you were inside.

It was such a long day. You were outside shivering. You were probably crying in the cold. You waited for us to come back, but it took too long. We can still hear your whimpers wafting in the air. We forgot you, baby. I am so sorry that we forgot you. We were all so tired that morning. And you didn't want to go out in the rain. Daddy told you it would be alright... but it wasn't because we forgot you.

When we came home it was too late. The backdoor was still open. Both of the cats were trying to tell us that something was wrong. You didn't greet us at the door. You didn't jump up as I walked. The house was too quiet. Daddy found you under the stairs. I pulled you out and held you through the night. I rocked you as I cried. I dried your dirty fur and wept over you.

You were such a good girl. You took good care of us... we didn't mean to leave you that day. We didn't mean for you to suffer like you did. I am so lonely without you. It seems so surreal that you are not here. It is like a bad dream and I am ready to wake up.

I wish I would have checked to make sure you were in before we left. I always check on you. I always check. I walked past the open door and I didn't even look outside. If I would have looked out, I would have brought you in since it was so cold.
You were so little. I had just given you your haircut for the summer... so you had nothing to fight the cold and rain with. I left you defenseless. I left you to suffer. I am so sorry. I am so, so sorry, Maggie!

We talked during the day about what you would like... and how you were such a good girl by helping Elijah through his headache. You were a big part of our family. We all love you so very much.

We buried you at the farm on Tuesday. It was your favorite place to be. It was still raining. It was still so cold. The farm cats came to greet you, but you were still sleeping. You were wrapped in Elijah's favorite blanket. And we tucked in your favorite toys with you. We placed you next to other pets our family have loved. You are in good company.

I hope that you are happy and free in Heaven. I hope you can run and play with the other dogs and cats. I know Jesus will take good care of you until we can join you. I miss you so much. I hope you will forgive me. I didn't mean for this to happen. Nothing is the same without you.

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