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by: Martini's Mom

Marcel was loved unconditionally by the 2 of you, and although his time on this earth was way too short, it was filled with nothing but happiness. It's been said that beginnings are scary, endings are sad, that it's the middle that counts the most. Marcel's "middle" was amazing. He knew it, you know it and he was a better dog for it.

After sitting here reading your touching story with tears streaming down my cheeks, I thought about the wonderful life you all shared together and smiled. The 2 of you are very lucky to have experienced such a special love. Not only between you, between the 4 of you. (Marcel and kitty included) There are only a handful of people that are fortunate enough to experience love such as that. Don't look at what you've lost, look at how much you've gained because of the life you shared. I'm sure you can say with confidence that you are a much better woman for having Marcel in your life. You all were truly blessed to have one another.

I'm truly sorry for your loss. As much as my words will not take your pain and suffering away, please take comfort in knowing you are not alone.

Our Baby Montel
by: Janelle

I am sorry for your loss. About a week ago we lost our love Monty. He was very sick as a young baby and we finally diagnosed him with a elongated soft palate. During this process of 5 months he lost 7 pounds and developed a head tilt. He saw every doctor possible and went in for the repair of his soft palate. He recovered and was breathing better, but he still wasn't feeling better. He went in again for the second procedure and passed away under anaesthesia. His heart failed. He was only two years. He lived such a short life. His loss has stopped our lives. Caring for him was my life. We did everything we could for him even spoon feeding him. Then one day he is gone. We are still mourning his loss, and he will never be forgotten.

by: Ray Reinhardt

My wife and I just went through the same thing. We put down my French Bulldog Monti he was 5 years old with a brain tumor. He also would drool when he didn't feel well. They found a massive brain tumor. I loved him like a son and your story reminds me so much of what we felt. I know your pain and can only say that I would do it all over again even knowing how it all would end up. We loved him so much.... Hopefully they are playing together in heaven...

by: Sue

This is such a beautiful story and I have read it over 5 times. Thank you for sharing this and Marcel was very lucky to have you in his life.

by: Anonymous

I have fowarded this to everyone on my contact list.
All the best,

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