Your Pet Loss Stories

'Max the Dog I Didn't Want'

by Margaret
(Cincinnati, Oh)

Back in 1997 my hub called to ask me if we could take in a dog, a mixed Beagle. Someone he worked with in his travels, had come across a Beagle Mom & 2 pups and accidently ran over the Mom, while she and her pups were out enjoying a day off the farm area they came from. I didn't want a dog, had never been able to have pets as a child, but my son was 12 at the time, and they both promised they would take care of him.

He was so cute, and scared when he got here, of course, having no experience with dogs, I didn't know what to do. But, since I was working from home at that time, we became so close! We bonded, and he became the dog I never was able to have. I came to love him as a child, he followed me everywhere, and he became my best friend!

I had him for 14 wonderful years, and when he got sick, it tore me apart. It was so very hard. We had to put him down, but I'm still not over him and never will be. My heart is broken over his loss, and I don't know if I will ever get over him! So many people just don't understand the bond people and animals can make, but it's true, the love they give us, and how much we loved them.

I think of him everyday, and always will. I really will never get over his loss, it's only been 3 months, and I had him for 14 years. But I loved him a lifetimes worth, and miss him dearly, everyday. And he will always be with me in my heart, mind, and soul. Always.

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