Your Pet Loss Stories

'Meeka My Baby'

Well I love this cat, we got him when he was little kitten. He was adorable. But, my other cats didn't seem to like him that much. One of our cats, Tabitha would hurt him a lot, he soon became depressed over years.

My mom and I became to love him and take care of him as a son. He would make me sooo happy and we would play together. We would sleep together and he was an outdoor cat, he loved being outside.

One night, we found him by our door unable to walk. We rushed him into the hospital, he was terribly hurt. He was lying outside our door for 7 hours in deep pain from getting hit by a car. He was a warrior. The next day, he died in my mom's arms.

I miss him more than everything, because I did everything with him. And I'm only 11. And this kills me inside every day to wake up not feeling him rub against my face and jump up and play with me. It feels like I lost a son and it hurts so bad.

RIP I love you my baby and always will <\3

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