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'Mela Ortiz Moya'

We miss such a special pet that gave her all. A Jack Russell Terrier with all the sweetness you could fill into 15lbs of canine muscle.

Mela came into the world on Jan 15, 2004 and gave my granddaughter Cristina a playmate and loyal companion. She typically could jump from a free standing spot and chase raccoons in the backyard. She was never alone in her adventures, Mr. Buttons and Coque were part of world. She and Coque were apt to escape and send family and friends to search the neighborhood.

My grandson had only two years with her and just got use to call her name but her sweet calm disposition was so trusting and protective of a newborn baby. She was my daughter Jennifer's baby, her FOOFEE you could find her cradling Mela or picked up endlessly to talk to her.

Words could never paint a true picture of the affection she felt for her girl. Mela gave to our special guy Jeremy too, being separated from his own beloved Beevus was filled with the company of Mela. He took the three dogs when the family went on vacation for a week. Mela will be treasured always for her love and presence in our family.

My son in law and daughter loved and gave a wonderful life to her. Even to the last moment was to hold onto her and keep her because she meant that much. But Mela was sick and cancer is relentless.

With love and sympathy to their girl they let her rest. Mela 3/7/12 She was loved!

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