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'Memory of Patches'

by James
(San Angelo, TX)

Patches as a puppy

Patches as a puppy

I already have a tribute to Patches on here. Now I want to share my memories of Patches before I forget with the passage of time. They're not in order.

I remember when I called Patches Houndini when she got through a fence and I couldn't see any holes.

I remember Patches snuggling with me in the recliner while I'm on the laptop.

I remember Patches snuggling under the blanket on my bed when she wanted a nap.

I remember Patches go after a big Lab. I'm guessing perhap Jake stepped on her as usually she like to play.

I remember Patches chase squirrels. It's her weaknesses :)

Yes I remember Patches throwing up on my carpet and going ooh yuck.

I remember a magical snowstorm in January and we went walking in it.

I remember when I introduced Patches to my dog Bogey when she was a puppy and Bogey rolled her.

I remember taking Patches to the small lakes by a former apt complex. She made friends with everyone there.

I remember walking Patches and my aunt's dog together several times.

I remember treating Patches to snacks since I taught her to sit up and beg for treats.

I remember removing lots of stickers on a walk.

I remember walking Patches to the mailbox.

I remember watching Patches nibble on grass and roll in it.

I remember walking Patches in the rain. Not a big fan :)

I remember taking Patches on rides especially to pick up my niece and nephew.

I remember hearing Patches bark for the first time since I had my cochlear implant.

I remember scratching Patches on the belly. It was funny when mom does it and says what if I don't want to scratch your belly.

I remember walking Patches when I had motion sickness.

I remember taking Patches to the dog groomer where they paint her toenails red. Once it was purple.

I remember when Patches was in heat for the first time and I had to place down lots of mats.

I remember Patches would go to mom for a snack. Vet told me I need to feel the ribs. :)

Sometimes when Patches doesn't get enough attention, she'd go to mom. :)

I remember taking Patches to family holidays.

I remember Patches snuggling in the warm spot behind my back.

I remember Patches climbing on me when she wanted to play.

I remember Patches getting alert when I put my shoes on. There might be a walk or a ride.

I remember rubbing Patches ears or holding her upright.

I remember taking Patches to the river to see a flock.

I remember watching the sunset with Patches.

I remember hollering Patches in the yard and she came running.

I remember Patches sniffing everything.

I remember Patches reluctant to come in when I say lets go in girl. :)

I remember Patches eating thin sliced meats and pass up pork chops. Man picky lol.

I remember feeding Patches some cashews when I had some. The girl liked to eat what I'm eating at the time.

I remember seeing Patches jump up on the bed for the first time. Before we had to use dog steps.

I remember Patches rip out the staples from surgery. Man I wished I had known about the laser surgery.

I remember Patches under the bed and not come out. After that I taught her to come up on the bed.

I remember Patches going into apartments convinced it was her birthright to greet everyone.

I remember Patches stuck on my bed in a raging fire. Mother rescued her that time.

I'm sure there's more memories but I am grateful for the moments we had.

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