Your Pet Loss Stories

'Mikey GSD'

by Jeff Kessen
(Depoe Bay Oregon)

Mikey came to me from a breeder is St. George Ut. Mike (then Ruger) got a rough start. He was sold to someone very irresponsible & a meth addict. So when I heard he was in the Hurricane Utah doggy jail I went for an interview to rescue/adopt him.

Just in time I was given to him as I had had 8 other German shepherd dogs over 35 years. He had serious abandonment issues & extreme behavior shortcomings but I fell in love with my all black bowy doggie, lost him once in the desert but some one brought him to the pound in St. George Utah & we connected again.

Well seven years later he has passed from terrible pain of severe arthritis, hard to let him go.... but harder to watch him suffer. Mike was 8 months old when he got his forever home with me, so he had only 8 years on this planet...... God I miss him.

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