Your Pet Loss Stories

'Minti - 3rd August 2012'

by Jacquilyn
(Surrey England)

I am shocked and my brain is befuddled - I have tears in my eyes. I cannot bear the thought that my Minti is dead. I cannot speak without crying.

Yesterday, before she was taken to the vets for cremation, I sat in my chair by the window and stroked and kissed her. It was a grey day, but the sun came out and shone on her face. She was a gift from God and I had lost her. I wrapped her in her favourite blanket and put her bed toys in her paws. I wanted her to go to Heaven with her favourites - so that she wouldn't be cold or have nothing to play with.

It was so hard handing over her beautiful body to the vet - I wanted to keep her so that I could stroke and kiss her every day. But I knew that wasn't possible. So I handed my Minti to the nurse and she is now really gone.

She was just 27 months old and I had had her for 25 of those months.

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