Your Pet Loss Stories

'Minti My Dream'

by Jacquilyn Clark

I have a beautiful cat called Kali. He made friends very easily with the neighbourhood cats so I thought I would get him a live in friend.

I would lie in bed and thank of what I would call Kali's friend. I decided on Minti. I used to daydream on what she would be like. She had to be a she as Kali is male.

Kali is a black cat and I thought I would get a white cat because at night I can't see Kali.

I went to see the kittens at Cats Protection - mainly to see the white kitten they had. There was another kitten though who was making a lot of noise. She obviously wanted some attention. I asked if the little one with the blob on her nose could be taken out of the cage and sure enough she was. She ran around, so happy and carefree. She came home with me and she was called Minti.

Minti was the light of my life, I smiled every time I saw her. She made me laugh. She created games to play with Kali - like 'pat fight' where they would sort of box without claws through the wire fence in the garden. She would ambush Kali and chase him and then they would reverse. She was always up to something.

At night she would groom Kali - lick his face and neck. He would put his front leg on Minti to keep her at it.

Minti was killed six days ago. Kali and I have lost our light and joy.

Kali knows Minti is dead as he saw her body. He now follows me from room to room. I think he is frightened.

There is a huge empty space in world where Minti used to be. She is irreplaceable.

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