Your Pet Loss Stories

'Missing My Buddy Gone 2 Years and 10 Months'

by Dianna Petrytus
(Litchfield Park, AZ)

Ok Mom where is dinner

Ok Mom where is dinner

It seems so strange that it has been that long it feels just like yesterday. Today is Easter and I guess that with what Easter means I just wish my blue eyed boy was here with me. For a huskie mix he gave me 20 years and 2 months of nothing but love. He had gorgeous blue eyes and with his back sleek coat he was a wonder to be hold.

He came to me in a dream about 4 months ago I didn't want the dream to end I had the same dream 2 nights in a row and when I woke up my fingers were so cramped from running my hands through his luxurious coat, that was my validation that he still loved me. I now have a large tattoo on my back as a memorial to him, that way I always have him with me and that he always has my back.

Happy Easter my beloved blue eyed baby, Momma will see you soon, and I know as I cross over you and grandpa Thompson will be there to greet me both of you with two sets of beautiful blue eyes shining with love to greet me.

I love and miss you daily.



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