Your Pet Loss Stories

'Misty, Sue, Timmy, Molly and Buster'

by Anne Jenkins
(South Wales UK)

I sadly lost Molly today. She is one of five cats that I have lost in the last year. I feel a total and utter failure as a pet owner, I write this with tears streaming down my face !!! BUT deep down, I know this isn't true !! I gave you all a loving home, when no-one else wanted you BUT you all knew how much I loved each and every one of you with every fibre of my being x

Each one of you had quirky little ways, which I would pander to x Molly, you loved chicken, Timmy, you loved a kind word and would sit by my feet. Misty, you would sit on the arm of the chair, and if I didn't look at you, you would slap me with your paw x Sue, you LOVED your food, any food all food x Buster you would sit on the coffee table with love shining out of your big eyes x

Little Molly, I wished I had stayed with you last night downstairs, BUT, I didnt think you were quite ready to leave me, I told you I loved you when I went upstairs, I left you on a shawl with the fire on low, not for you to be cold, you slipped away in your sleep x My pain is awful, my heart is heavy BUT would I go back to the days when I first took you all in one by one and do it all again, too right I would x

God bless all of you, I feel priviledged that I was your MUM x

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