Your Pet Loss Stories

'Mittens and the Man'

by Ozreal
(Ma Suga Town, California, U.S.A)

When Mittens came into my life

When Mittens came into my life

It was about two years ago I moved to a Small town on the Bay in San Francisco. I moved in with a women friend that evolved into a relationship that didn't work out and she moved on, so I lived alone in an empty house heart broken. I decided to let a friend move in with her cat Mittens. At that time I was ambivalent about Cats and never owned one. My landlord did not like cats at all but since I live near a sugar cane factory that was over a hundred years old we had a major rat problem which my landlord hated more, so I convinced him to take in the cat.

Mittens within the first day scared off every rat in the house. She loved to greet me every time I came home and would come sleep on my bed or watch T.V with me. But a lot of times she would hiss at me if I tried to walk up to her and get her from Emily my roommate. I always laughed so hard when she wanted to just be with Emily. That Cat knew the sound of Emily's car and the minute she heard her car coming she would stop even eating to greet her.

Mittens was such a huge part of our home. Last Friday I came home to Mittens lying by the front entrance crying. I rushed her to the Vet and found out she was a boy. We never got to know her as a boy because he passed away. I hurt so much right now, so much more then my break up with my girlfriend, Way More, I'm embarrassed to tell my friends, Family and Co-workers how much a macho man like me is grieving (I'm Crying right now for the first time that I can remember in years over mittens) I have so many happy memories of Mittens, but now it is sadness and just feeling empty.

Coming home today from work was real hard. I'm being strong for Emily put it's taking an Academy award winning performance. I truly believe in my heart that Mittens was so unselfish that if he could be here he would comfort me and let me know in his own way that he was needed somewhere else. I just want to put this out into the universe that I love you Mittens and even now that I'm in grieving I am so grateful that we crossed paths and I will always remember you for ever. Your physical furry little body is gone but your spirit will always remain, you're in my heart and soul.

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