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by: steve

Thanks Liz--we all loved them so much it is so hard to let go. Even after all this time. I could see your cat through the words you wrote trying to huddle against the door. I have come to believe that maybe we don't find them but they find us. Thanks for sharing your story.

Catman and "Eyes of Blue"
by: liz_wolf

Cat, this is a beautiful, loving tribute to both you and Mitze. Your incredible patience and dedication to your beloved baby reminds me of my "Wimpy" who was a stray who adopted me over 20 years ago. This was in our old house where we had a wood stove in the cellar. It was snowing and I looked up to one of the cellar windows and saw this poor cat huddled against the glass trying to get warm. I left a plate of chicken on the outside sill. To make a long story short, it took time but this matted coon cat came to live in an enclosed wooden box (with a cut out door) on our front step on an old blanket in the winter and under the forsythia bush in the summer for shade. She would lie on top of the box during the day to get the sun. Eventually I coaxed her in the front door. Slowly she let me touch and then pat her. I even have pictures of her sprawled on me getting a belly rub! She loved those. She got sick very suddenly. Spent two days at the vet. It killed me but I gave her peace as her kidneys had failed. We moved to our present home three weeks later; I had thought it would help with the pain. I have her ashes. I also brought clippings of that forsythia bush which quickly grew to encompass the entire west side of the house. Every spring I love to look at the massive yellow blossoms and think of that wonderful cat who gave me the gifts of love and trust. We didn't have many years together in this life but I remember her always. It was 20 years on 8/20/11 that she crossed. Oh, the name? My husband named her "Wimpy" because when she opened her mouth to meow, this tiny noise came out of this long-haired Maine Coon cat body! Thank you for this...I am smiling at her image in my mind and the warm spot in my heart.

Mitze-Eyes of Blue
by: Leonor

What a beautiful story, I am so glad that you shared it, and what a wonderful person you are for having taken care of her. I am sure that where she is she is looking at you with loving and caring eyes. Be assured that she loved you.

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