Your Pet Loss Stories

'Moggy the Braveheart!!!'

by Dorene

Moggy lost her battle with congestive heart disease and kidney disease at 6.30am 23/8/2011. She had a very strong will to live and was a brave fighter to the very end. She came so close to death so many times, but she held onto life. She knew that we were not ready to accept her passing.

But I had a very special moment with her that I will always treasure. When she was close to death the kidneys failed, her energy levels were weak, her heart was not contracting properly, and she was so lifeless, I went to a natural animal medicine clinic to rid her body of the toxic drugs that had destroyed her kidneys. I wanted to give her relief from the toxins in her body and restore her energy levels so she was able to die in a better condition.

She looked better, responded to me better, was so calm and relaxed. I gave her life to her lifeless body at that special moment that we shared. She told the vet that she was ready to die and I was ready to let her go.

That night, she passed away peacefully! I gave her energy, comfort, and calmness at the last moments of her life. I visualised her crossing the Rainbow Bridge and I will hopefully be reunited with her one day. I loved you, Moggy with all my heart!

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