Your Pet Loss Stories


August 11th 1999 - July 3rd 2009.

by Jamie

My Maltese X Molly was my bestfriend. She was a fluffy, white little dog. She was always there to listen when I needed someone to talk to, and she was always at home waiting to happily greet me. She was my first dog, and I will never forget her. I loved her with all my heart, and I still do.

The day of her death was the worst, most traumatic day of my life. She was 9 & 1/2 when we noticed she started limping. We took her into the vet to find out that she had a slipped disk in her back, but it was easily treated. So we took her medication and we went home. Over the next couple days, we noticed that she just wasn't getting any better and she wasn't eating, which was strange for her. We took her back to vet, and they said they would keep her there for a while to do tests.

After we left the vet, the eerie feeling that something was going to go wrong was still evident. I kept telling myself "She might die, but it'll be okay. She might be leaving the earth soon, but everything will be fine".. Boy was I wrong. We got the dreaded phone call that asked us to come back to the vet, so we did. It turned out that she didn't just have a slipped disk, but also that her kidneys were failing, and she had something lodged in her stomach.

At that point there was nothing we could do. We couldn't do surgery because since her kidneys were failing, so her blood wouldn't clot, and without surgery she would die. I asked the veterinarian if I could go back to see her, and when I did it was the saddest thing I've ever seen. She was curled up in a metal kennel, with nothing but a thin blanket for padding. I opened the kennel door, and she slowly got up and tried to crawl into my arms. I had to tell her no, and I had to push her back into the kennel while she was desperately trying to escape. Pushing her back in was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, and to this day the memory makes me cry.

We left the vets office, and we went and picked up my mom and sister so they could say their goodbyes. We came back, and the vet brought Molly out in the same thin blanket that was padding her kennel. I will never forget the look in her eyes, she was so scared, and she was so desperate to just come home. She had been drugged so that she would calm down. She was there, but she was really drowsy and out of it. She saw us, and her whole face lit up. She knew who we were. The vet set her down, and we all started petting her, saying our goodbyes, kissing her, telling her that everything was going to be okay, when we knew it really wasn't.

After ten minutes of saying our final goodbyes, the vet carried her out and you could tell she was terrified. As the vet was carrying her away, she looked back as if to say her final goodbye, and a final thank you. As soon as the door shut and she was finally gone, my tears got worse & I could hardly breathe. I cried every night for months, and I still sometimes cry when I remember my little girl, and how amazing she was.

Sometimes, she comes up in conversation, and I can never stop the little smile that grows around my lips, remembering her and all the memories. Sometimes, when I have a bad day, I pray to her.

Molly, I love and miss you so much, and you'll always stay in our hearts.

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