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by: Mary

Hey Molly, Its me again,,,

I remember about three yrs ago daddy had a Christmas party we were going to attend. I left you with Papa so he could care for you, precious and Minnie. I remember having fun and tio Cruz running thru the doors of the hotel and saying Papa had called him to let him know to make contact with us. Cuz Molly you were lost... I seen Cruzito run thru the doors and I thought to myself what could be wrong. Finally he gets to us and says Molly is lost or has been stolen from your house while Papa took a nap.

I had so many different emotions at the time, scared, upset and not wanting to deal with the current situation. Your Daddy, Cruzito, Marlin, Papa & Vivi were out looking for you around the neighborhood. There was partying in the neighbors back yard. I thought maybe someone had taken you. I stood in the house alone while everyone else was looking for you. I was on my way to the bathroom when I heard some noise coming from inside my office when we lived on 17th St. and I thought to my self I'm alone and the person is inside my house and Molly you're with him.

I was so scared I wanted to scream and get everyone's attention. Fearing injury to you and myself, I stood quiet and went to grab a bat. I opened the door really fast and seen no1 there, not even you Molly. I knew what I heard was right, but never the less I thought could I be hearing wrong. I sat on the bed and guess what to my surprise, I scared you and you wanted to get out from underneath the bed but my feet where in your way. I grabbed you, kissed you and ran out the house to let every1 know you where home all along, hiding underneath the bed. You were terrified of fire crackers and that's why you went under the bed.

At the time it didn't seem funny cuz of course we needed to leave a fun Xmas party because Molly disappeared. But on Sunday when Marlin and Papa came over we were sharing good times and memories you have left us with. I love you Molly HoneyMoon Reveles, I make a promise to never forget you, the good times and bad ones (which were few), that's what makes us stronger today. I do want to believe that all Dogs go to heaven. Cuz I'm sure Jesus would love you as much as we do. Keep on shaking Molly.

My Molly

To my Niece Molly I'll never forget u . I remember like it was yesterday when I first seen u, u were like lil ball. I remember when Mary had to carry u when we walk the dogg marthon and then u went to the pool to cool out. I'm gonna miss giving u a bath when ur Daddy was working, picking up ur shit lol and feeding u at night, o and playing basketball (u never let us play cause u wanted the ball to ur self lol) o and when I always tried taking ur bone away we would growl together GRRRRR lol I'm gonna miss u so much and so is ur Daddy and Mommy. I wish I could've been there when u left us. I walked u in to ur cage the night before I knew u were hurting I felt something but I never though it was gonna end up like this. I know ur in a better place chilling like u were always with ur tongue out and laying on ur side or chewing a bone.

I'm gonna miss u,

ur uncle jr :(

R.I.P Molly
by: Mari and Candice

Molly you will always be Loved and never Forgotten!!!!
You will always remain a part of me and Mari.... I'll never forget all the times you licked my toes clean! lol you loved that caviar lotion I use to rub on me.... or the times you would bark and bark for Mari's empty water bottle.... you were soo unique that's what made you soo special! Mary and Jaime ur baby is now in a better place.... peaceful and resting..... Love ur cuzzin's Mari and Candice =]

Goodbye Molly
by: Vanessa

Although you have left a burden in your parent's heart and there is few words to console them, perhaps the thought of you not suffering anymore can help. You were like my tia's baby so that made you my cousin :)

May you rest in peace

Molly <3

It's crazy how you were just here with us. Everytime I go into the garage I'll think of you. Never would I think that you would be gone, especially the way you went.

My favourite memory of you is when I made you walk laps around Jaime's chair LOL. 0r the night when you rubbed against my pants & got ur slobber all over me. :] I'll miss that. But I know you're in doggy heaven looking down on us. Ur parents will miss you dearly. && I'll miss the scent you left behind.

My Deepest Sympathy
by: Letty

Losing a pet is just as heartbreaking (if not more) then losing a relative. Having lost two dogs before I can share in your pain. The only comfort we have is knowing that now there is no pain, no suffering no more ouchies, her spirit is free.


by: jojo

Everything happened way too fast. We had just taken her to the vet and not realized how bad this whole thing was. I still can't believe that our trip to the vet this last time was gonna be her last and she was never coming home again. I still remember the smell she left in your car Mary. And whenever I smell it I know she's around us.

She was like a Daughter to u guys and of course a Niece to me and jr. :]

We're gonna miss u Molly.

Mz Molly
by: Mary

I love you Molly, You will forever be remembered and cherished until I see u with your tongue out, snoring away or laying with your bone in your mouth or trying to get your body over that basketball. I can't say your tail would wag bcuz you didnt have one, but instead you just shook all of what your momma gave you. We love you Molly

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