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'Molly "Honeymoon" Reveles'

by Mary
(San Pedro, CA USA)

Molly 'Honeymoon' Reveles

Molly 'Honeymoon' Reveles

Molly was our wedding gift to each other. I preferred not to go on a Honeymoon since my hubby was in love with this breed (English Bulldog). As if she was like an angel sent from up above. She was born on our wedding day, March 17, 2001. We went to pick her up on June 17th and we named her Molly 'Honeymoon' Reveles.

A little past eight yrs and I love her more than ever. I didn't know or understand how hard it would be to recover or get through the loss of our pet. I'm devastated... I'm not paying attention to my grammar, I'm thinking and writing and not correcting a thing. My pain is so great and not knowing how to deal with the weeks ahead.

She passed away today April 19th, 2009. She had medical complications, such as invasive tumors, skin allergies and a cherry eye. The vet recommended I put her down. It has been the hardest thing I've had to do in a very long time. I plan on celebrating her life with a ceremony after we receive her ashes..

Jaime & Mary Reveles

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