Your Pet Loss Stories

'Monty: Worthy of Love?'

by Sue Wild
(Stockport, Cheshire, UK)

Monty on a family camping trip

Monty on a family camping trip

Monty is a cross between a Bedlington Terrier & a Poodle.

When my eldest daughter was doing her final exams in 2005, I told her if she passed ALL of them, we would get her a dog. She passed with flying colours and so we visited Cheshire Dogs Home in Warrington, Cheshire, UK. We told Kelly, my daughter, that she must choose a dog that really does need a new home, a dog that the majority of visitors to the home walk past without a second glance. This dog would be Monty.

Our first meeting with Monty was hard. We could see he was underweight, and he was vomiting. We enquired about him and we were told Monty was 7 years old and his previous owner didn't want him. We now believe Monty chose us as his new family that day.

Cheshire Dogs Home waived the adoption fee of £65 due to Monty being in such a poor condition. He had scabs all over his body, his fur was thin and patchy, he was very underweight and he was vomiting. We took him straight to our vet, where Monty was diagnosed with a severe flea allergy. We got Monty's medication, took him home, gave him a soothing bath and showered him with love. He was a wonderful, loving dog who very quickly became a member of our family. He came on in leaps and bounds.

Sadly, Monty became ill on 5th July 2010. We took him to the vet where we were advised the kindest thing would be to have Monty put to sleep. Monty died in my arms on 10th July 2010. A piece of my heart died with Monty that day. The one consolation we have is that in the 5 years we had him, he felt love and happiness. His pictures tell a totally different story from the dog who came to us 5 years before.

I will never forget you Monty and I will always love you.

Until we meet again, RIP Baby xxxxxxxx

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