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Thanks for sharing
by: Marty

We recently lost our hamster too soon to an accident...... we loved our hammie so much and she was a nightly part of our lives .....she brought a lot of joy..... the sadness over losing our hamster seemed so wrong until I read this..........

by: Ellie

Please, stop beating yourself up, because I am CERTAIN Mousie is not holding you responsible for anything. Mousie knew you loved him and he now wants you to treasure your memories with him.

by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

Awe, I am VERY sorry for your loss, Jalaine. I know it's hard not to blame ourselves when it comes to out precious pets. I lost my beloved Spike over a year ago and went through the what-if's, and should haves. But, like any pet owner we do our best. You have a very compassionate soul Jalaine. And you're intention was compassion to help Mousie.

You and Mousie will always be great friends in heart.

Margaret - hugs

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