Your Pet Loss Stories

'Murphy, My Golden Angel'

by Caitlin

My Golden Retriever Murphy had to be put down suddenly on August 4th 2009. His death has caused so many sleepless nights and devastation for me, my Mom, and Step-Dad.

Murphy had been in our lives since he was a new born puppy. I had lived and grown with him for 11 years of my life.

Murphy had a special gift, he always knew when there was something wrong and seemed to know exactly what it was.

I was pregnant and lost my child early in the pregnancy and everyday that I laid in bed and cried Murphy would come up to me and put his head directly on my stomach. He would look at me like he knew about my loss and was sorry that I was sad. I know it may seem crazy but I know in my heart that he knew what had happened.

I often dream of him and I think of him all the time but I'm scared the pain will never go away.

I love you Murphy!!! Always Missing You. XOXOXOXOX.

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