Your Pet Loss Stories


by Mary

We adopted Murphy shortly after moving to VT. My husband works from home, so we thought he would be a good companion. Little did we know that he would become so much more. He bonded to my husband at first sight and would whine if he went outside even if he could see him. He was such a great dog and never caused any trouble.

At night, he would only lie down once my husband and I were in bed and the light was out. It was then that he would crawl under my side of the bed and stay there all night as if he was watching over us and protecting us. A few years later when we had children, he would sleep in the hallway between our bedrooms so he could watch over the entire family. My husband and I never doubted for a minute his love and devotion for us and knew that he would give his life to protect us. For this, we are forever grateful.

Though it's been almost a year since he's been gone, we miss him every day as much as the first day he left us. He's just been reunited with our Corgi, Morgan and know that he is now with her. Knowing our two best friends are now together has offered us comfort.

Murphy: You meant the world to us and we are so lucky to have found you and had you be a part of our family for 13 years. Take care of Morgan and she will take care of you. You are forever in our hearts and we miss you every day.


Mom, Dad and the boys

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