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by: Anonymous

What a stunning black beauty he was!

I am very sorry for your loss, and I hope that time has eased the pain.

It's not getting any better my boy
by: jeanette me

I miss you so damn much I just keep getting a bad thing has happened or going to happen. I will be seeing you again my sweet boy and I will bring treaters and stuffs n a jars hussa loves you baby.

Missing you still
by: nemaws

It has been over 6 months my lil man I still miss you every day just as much as when you first left but now I'm able to talk about you without as much heart ache. I don't know what to do about this lonesome feeling I am sorry this had to happen to you. I love you baby boy.

My sweet man
by: newmaws

Hello my boy it will be your birthday here on the 22 of April. It is so hard getting along without you every day, is harder to wake up to not having your sweet face looking up at me. I love you lil man and hope to see you again kisses to ya my lovings boy Ameigo.

2 months
by: ameigos newmaws

It is 2 months today 3-11-10 since I had to let you go my dear sweet boy I still miss you daily every thing reminds me of you in side out side and even when I sleep. I love ya my lil mans kiddy kisses and huggs for ever R I P 1-11-10

My sympathies to you and yours
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your loss. I am still trying find the reason why something we love so much is taken away from us. I actually asked that question to a friend of mine who is a pastor who goes around to the local prisons to talk with the inmates. I am not too religious of a person in attending church but I wondered if he had an answer. He actually came up with something that made me think and I will share it with you.

He said that at this time we are not meant to know the answer to that question and that if we did we might not travel down the road or make the choice that ends up breaking our heart. Although on this side of your loss I know you would sign up again to do it all over again, even the same way. Knowing it from the beginning might stay your choice and we might never get to experience the joy of love or the sorrow of loss.

I rememeber how I used to be and I took in a stray (Mitze-eyes of blue on this site) and she changed me. I would have let her be if I would have known the end with how I was then. That cat actually changed me as a person. In time your will remember the good times more than the cruel end.

I wish I knew magic words to ease your pain but I can just offer you my sympathy and wish you and yours well and good healing. Do not forget but remember the good fortune that you have been blessed with to have your beautiful cat Ameigo with you. Good luck to you.

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