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'My Ameigo'

He was born on July 22 2004 he and his brothers and sisters. I was there during their births he was the only lil black cat in that litter the rest were born white with blue eyes. His mom is babs part siamese with long hair and blue eyes.

Ameigo was showing signs of a uri called our vet he was put on batril 22.7 for 10 days. Took all his meds 2 days after that I find him on the kitchen floor near the door something he never did. I picked him up he was so limp and cold called vet he came to my house and I just cried. I knew it was time but I didn't want to but I knew in my heart that he was already gone. I held him in my arms while Dr Rhuble gave him the 2 injections, I almost passed out on his last breath.

What also made it harder to deal with is the sorrow the other pets felt. His litter mate Simon let out a yawlll like I have never heard a cat make. Such a sad noise the dog started to wimper and pawing at my legs for me to put Ameigo on the floor I did so and sat there with him. Max the dog kept trying to get Ameigo to get up by nosing him and pushing him with his paws. At that point the dog ran in to the other room, the cats all took to hiding.

The pain never goes away it will always be there but it tends to lighten at times. I have good and bad days my Ameigo was put to rest on January 11, 2010.

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