Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Babies ):'

by Gladys
(Houston tx.)

Hi, I am Gladys and I had 2 puppies a Poodle mix named Bella and a purebred Rat Terrier named Samuel, well here is their story,

One day I had barely gotten home from school to find Sammy and Bella in the porch playing with their ball. When I walked in to the apartment I saw my Mom with a paper in her hand and handed it to me. I saw the paper that said my dogs were so loud and also said that if I didn't get rid of them in 24 Hours they would call the Police and take us out of the apartment.

My Mom told my Sister to call my Aunt and my Aunt said she would take Samuel and Bella in. So when we got there my Mom had started crying while I was taking Samuel and Bella off the truck, I couldn't help but look at my Mom. My Aunt stared at her and said "Well why did you get dogs?" My Mom looked out the backyard window and stared at Samuel and Bella, I couldn't see Samuel And Bella in the eyes because I knew I couldn't leave them.

A week later my Aunt called my Mom and said "Come pick Samuel and Bella up and take them to the SPCA!" When my Mom hung up she stared at me and told me I just said let's go! We went and picked them up and drove to the SPCA, as soon as we got there I felt my stomach turn into butterflies, when we gave them up the lady behind the counter stared at me and started crying with me, when we walked out of there my Mom got into the car and took one last look at Samuel and Bella, I started crying and my Mom couldn't even drive ):

THAT IS Samuel In The Picture ):

I Miss Them Dearly ):

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