Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Baby Boy Buddy How I Miss You'

by Dianna

With tears rolling down my cheeks again, this never seems to stop, I realize that it will be exactly 6 of the longest and worst months of my life since you left this life and my side. I know that you and Gonzo are probably having the best times there are to have at this time no pain, plenty of food, and hopefully loving angels to pet and brush you and love you like I can't right now.

It won't be long my babies and I will be with you, I just hope and pray that when that time comes you will be standing next to Grandpa T. waiting with your tails wagging, motors running so loud that it sounds like a locomotive engine that your Momma can't dismiss.

Buddy I swear you were curled up on the family room floor the other morning, and a silly fool Momma started to cry and you were gone, but low and behold, I changed bedding and found a tuft of your hair so maybe that was you here to tell me Momma I love you and all you have to do is ask and I will come.

KD will probably be meeting you at the bridge within the next few months she's not doing well, so when you and Gonzo see her remind her of how much she was loved. Merry Christmas my babies, Momma will see you soon.

Love your Momma,


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