Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Baby Boy Fred'

by Joanie
(Valhalla, NY USA)

My 1 year old cat - Fred had 1 bad case of diarrhoea & then later in the day seemed restless, but ate his food. the next day he was worse. I took him to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital immediately, they admitted him & did a complete blood work up. Everything seemed okay. He also wasn't dehydrated. They didn't know what was wrong.

Later on that night his vision seemed out of focus & they said he seemed worse. I didn't know what to do but continue having him monitored at the hospital. They called me & said he had a full blown Grand mal Seizure & they had given him Valium. I rushed over there & couldn't believe it was my Fred. He looked like he was suffering & wasn't responding to any medicine, so I had to put him to sleep.

Please tell me did I do the right thing???

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