Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Baby Boy Scooby'

by Samm S
(Mesa, Az)

Today is his 17th birthday, sadly he passed away three weeks ago on Tuesday(4/16/2013). Scooby was so special to my family and I, especially my father. He was a German Shepherd/Pug! Along with Scooby I have Bailey (my special angel), Skittlez and Timone. All of my puppies I have had for over 6 years. They are all my children.

Scooby absolutely loved just being a dog. Sitting on the back door in the sunlight, playing with rope toys, eating treats, bones and the garbage. He loved swimming also, especially if we had foam noodles, those drove him crazy!!!!! He was the king in our home and in our hearts. Since I got Scooby (at the age of 4) he was always so loyal and loving. He grew a special bond with my father. If my dad got up and left the room, so did Scooby. He was right by his side.

Scooby use to run away as a puppy. In my heart I feel he just wanted to go exploring because he came home EVERY time. I remember one night Scooby got out. I felt so empty and then we got a call he was hit by a car... My father took him to the vet and they had no hope for him they even prepared a shot to put him to sleep!! My father said screw you pretty much and you know what Scooby continued to live for 14 more years.

As time went on it got harder for him to get up. He still walked around but just at his own pace. On April 16th 2013 my father called me and told me it was Scoobys time. He came and picked me up and I rode in the back holding him. As a family my father, my mother and my brother took him to a room and held him so tight. We all refused to say goodbye because you know what? I'm going to see him again. I held my baby boy as his heart stopped, I had my hand right over his heart. The vet was so polite, they gave us all a paw print with some fur in a special clear container. I went and got his paw print tattoed on me right after. I already have a portrait of him that I got years ago but I felt I needed his paw right over my heart. My baby was cremated and I had some ashes put in a ring, the rest in an urn. I created a special shadow box, a poster and planted forget me not flowers.

I'm so heartbroken over this but I feel him with me still, I get signs. I really don't care what anybody says or thinks I'm going to be reunited with all my passed beloved animals. I miss each and every single one of them with everything I am.

I find it comforting to talk about him, I even wrote Scooby a letter and put it in his shadow box. I look up to the heavens and tell him everyday how much I miss and love him. Another thing that is helping me cope is reading other peoples stories. I will never get over this, I'll be waiting to be with him again.

I miss you Scooby sooo much. Happy birthday baby<3 I LOVE YOU 5.5.96-4.16.2013

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