Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Baby Girl...'

by Amanda Johnston
(Hamilton ON )

8 years ago, my boyfriend and I decided to adopt a rescue cat. Keep in mind that I already had a cat, a boy named Carter.

It was Carter and I for 6 months but Patrick came into my life and Carter felt jealous. We thought, let's get him a friend. I picked her up and brought her home and for a moment thought, this is not going to work. Carter did not take to her well at all and vice versa. She was not a happy cat, grant it since the people who had her left her in the home they moved out of.

Over the years we worked with her and she became one of the sweetest cats to walk along the earth. Her personality was, I will come to you and get attention and then when I am over it, I shall leave. Maddy was like that but I admired that in her. She was independent, but very loving and easy going. She loved to be in the window in the summer to soak up the sun and in the winter in front of the radiators.

She was a long haired gray Tabby. Very pretty. She loved to be brushed, she loved her certain treats...(she was picky) but overall she was my baby girl. I could not love something more then this. I always told her, "Daddy may of given me a ring but you are by far the best gift I have ever been given". That will always remain to be true.

Maddy became ill a little over a month ago and although we never knew what got her in the end, we knew that we had to make that choice. She is now in Heaven, but missed so much.

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