Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Baby Girl'

by Brittany Muse
(Flemingburg, Ky, USA )

My baby girls name was Shortpockets. She was the best dog I could ever have. I got her in foster care and I just found out she was dead Thursday and it is hard to deal with but I am thinking about how she is with her brother.

I wish she was still here, her and my dog Snowball but they are in a better place if only she had not got loose and got ran over by a car. They should have stopped and let her cross. They did not think that she belonged to someone. Someone who loved her enough to cry a lot over her death.

I still got her little boy puppy named Rascal to keep me company down here. If we had not kept him it would have been harder to deal with my loss. Her brother died of parvo. Her 1st litter is up there too. She has lots of playmates.

When I die we will be reunited at last but until then I will keep living life as though I still have her. If you have lost a pet and are missing him/her keep living life as though she or he is still there.

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