Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Baby Guy'

by Robyn Lazar

I have had Duky for 20 years I came home from yoga today and he was having a really hard time breathing. It turns out he had fluid in his lungs. I lost his brother 2 years ago to renal failure. I went through giving him subcutaneous fluids and I did not want to do that with his brother. Duky was eating and drinking fine yesterday.

Today I helped my baby guy pass over and my heart is crying out for him I miss him so much already. I have decided not to cancel my plans for this evening even though my eyes are almost swollen shut. He gave me so much I don't have any children he was like a child to me. I still have one more cat and I am sure I will rescue a special cat from the shelter, I Love the old cats.

It has helped me with losing my cat finding this site.

Thank you sincerely animal-being LOVER

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